Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Hate This Week

I really do.

First of all, a bunch of my friends are gone on vacations and whatnot, including Sassafras Jones who's out gallivanting around California.  What a poop.

Yes, I did just call my friend a poop.

Anyway.  Aside from having only the King/Archbishop of Marching Band and the Stellar Miss Moon to keep me from slowly going insane, I've had to schedule college visits.

Yes, college visits.

I should have done this last week, when I actually had time to, and when there would have been ample time for the people to process my application thing and get back to me, but NO.  I forgot about the internet, and I was under the impression that I had to actually call these people on the telephone and ask for a visit.  The prospect of using a telephone scared me so much that I put of the whole thing for a whole week, until last night, when I realized, hey, there's probably a way to register for these kinds of things online, so I went to the websites and, lo and behold, there it was!  Online visit applications!  The only problem is, I want to visit these colleges next week, and they're all saying that visits scheduled within two weeks are not guaranteed, which is making me anxious, and I don't like being anxious.

BAH.  I hate college already, and I haven't even graduated from high school yet.

Speaking of high school, I registered for my online French class last week (actually, speaking of French class reminded me of something else.  On all the applications, they asked what some of my interests are for majors and stuff, and I told all of them that Spanish was my secondary interest for a major, except that's not even really true because I kind of hate Spanish, but it would be in my best interests to learn Spanish, so really, I'm just whoring out my academic interests in order to be one step ahead on the job market.  This is also making me anxious.  Back to my French class.)  I'm pretty excited about it, since it should be pretty easy because I already know some French.  Also, my professor is supposedly hot, according to ratemyprofessor.com, only I don't know how that's supposed to be beneficial to my online learning experience.  It's always good to know, I guess.

What else do I hate about this week?  Hmm, I'm sure that there were more things.  Well, there was that fireworks display that I went to see with the Stellar Miss Moon and the King/Archbishop of Marching Band last night. They were pretty sub-par.  It made me sad.  The best part of the whole night was when, after the very first few fireworks went off, there was a pause, and then the King/Archbishop of Marching Band stood up, clapped, and yelled "Woo!  Let's do this again next year!"

So, yeah.  That was my week.  And it's only Tuesday.  Sassafras Jones isn't coming back home until Sunday, I don't know when the Drummer Boy (who is also on vacation) is coming home, and I want some chocolate cake, only I don't have any, and that's just making me angry.

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