Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Have a Disease. It's Called "Fictional-Boy Crush-itis." (Part I-Books!)

It's fatal...but only to my social life.

It's just that, whenever I read a book, watch a movie, or watch a new TV show, I manage to land myself yet another crush on yet another fictional boy.  At this point, I have amassed so many fictional boyfriends, crushes, and husbands that I'm having trouble keeping track of them all.

So I think I'll just put them all down right here, so I don't forget.

Let's start with book characters.  (Some of these books have film adaptations, but books are better than movies, so those characters will be listed here and not in the "movies" category.)

First up, my crush from Harry Potter:  Neville Longbottom.

If you've read all of the books, you understand my crushing on Neville.  Neville is one of my fictional husbands.  He is mine, so the rest of y'all can just back OFF.

 From Maximum Ride:  Iggy.

Iggy is also my husband, so, again, y'all can just calm yourselves down and step off.  There's a girl in the band who thinks that Iggy is hers, but she is sadly mistaken. 

Does the fact that I have multiple fictional husbands make me a fictional polygamist?

I think not.


From The Hunger Games:  Peeta.

Peeta's the one in the middle.  Yeah, that's right.  I'm team Peeta.  Deal with it. 
Peeta is only a fictional crush of mine, because he belongs to another woman, and you just do not mess with another woman's man.  You just don't.

Okay, this is getting bad.  I can't remember all of the crushes I've had on characters in books that I've read.

Also from Harry Potter:  Fred Weasley!

Okay, I know that this is a picture of Fred and George, but that's okay because I also have a slightly smaller crush on George.  I would marry either of them.  However, the Weasley twins can be only my fictional crushes because, in the Harry Potter world, I am betrothed to Neville.  These rules all make sense in my head.

From The Princess Bride:  Inigo Montoya.  And Westley.  It's a little complicated up in this book.

Sword fighting.  Rawr.

I also have a small crush on Sherlock Holmes.

Is it weird that I have a crush on Sherlock Holmes?  I don't think so.  (Also, mad props to the lovely lady who drew this.  I don't know her personally; I just stole this off of DeviantArt.  Her username is vidaloca185, if anyone wants to creep on her awesomeness.

I swear that I've read more books than this.  I just can't remember all of my fictional boyfriends/husbands/crushes.  This is a real predicament.

Okay, I think that that's enough for books.

Jeepers, this is really long.  I'm going to have to split this up into multiple posts.

My first series!  Oh, joy! 

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  1. Iggy is mine. Back off lulz bai :3