Friday, December 16, 2011

My Life has been Taken Over

By ponies.

Specifically, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I believe that technically this may make me what is referred to on the Interwebs as a "brony."  However, I don't know if I'm entirely comfortable with that title, as I am not a bro.  I am a lady (like Rarity.)

You see, I have been sick all of this past week, so I have been staying home, in great need of something to comfort me (or perhaps to love and tolerate me.)  Enter ponies.

So.  Many.  Ponies.
 Once I started watching the first episode of season one, I was hooked.  I began watching episode after episode on YouTube, in an attempt to catch up to the current season.  I spent unhealthy amounts of time tying to decipher whom my friends most resembled.  (Sassafras Jones is so totally Twilight Sparkle it is not even funny.)

By the way, I'm a horrible person who just Googles things and isn't overly fond of proper citation.  I apologize.  Hold on for just one second.  Snajperpl on DeviantArt is responsible for this glorious display.  Feel free to stalk.
I have a serious problem.  I can't stop myself.  (In much the same way that Apple Bloom couldn't stop herself when she got Cutie Pox!)

Save me from myself.  Please.

(Or don't.  I secretly love my pony addiction.)

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