Thursday, September 22, 2011

The End is Nigh--A Doomsday Prophecy

Lo, the end is coming when all shall fall to the ground and quake in fear.

The end shall come upon you on a soft breeze, one that you may not even notice at first.  Some, however, will see the signs and begin to speak warnings, though they will go largely unheeded.

And then, lo!  Descending upon you from the sky like a storm shall come your doom!  It shall first be far away, and you, being a fool, will not prepare yourself.  Then, without warning, it will strike from the heavens, sending you crashing to the ground in fear and trembling.

There will be screams, and shouts of disbelief, and those who, even though they are in the midst of these things, will deny that darkness has come.

Lo, it will strike at your head while you cower in fear!  The beast shall rule your life, and you will not try to stop it, for out of fear you will be paralyzed, sayeth I.

Then, out of the shadows shall arise mighty warriors who will vanquish the darkness.  At first, their efforts will seem unfruitful, and many will not have faith in the heroes, but, lo, their time will come, and when it does, they will snatch the beast from the sky and destroy it with crude tools, for the beast is not unconquerable.

And then shall darkness be vanquished, and all who had cowered in fear return to the light and rejoice, for the terror shall be vanquished, and darkness rule no more.

So sayeth Fanny, on the subject of dragonflies in the library.  (That thing was darned scary.)

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