Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hi, There. How Are You?

Because I'm unstable.

I seem to have been suffering from insomnia and/or some sort of hormonal imbalance for the past few days, and you know what I've discovered?  It turns me into someone I don't like.

Namely, a crazy person.

I've been losing my temper, I've been irrational, and I've been a host of other things that I can't remember because I'm tired but I can't sleep.

I feel crazy.  I'm pretty sure I might be crazy.  Why, not even ten minutes ago, I thought that I heard a serial killer in the basement not twenty feet from me, and, instead of freaking out, as I normally would, I looked at the glass mug on the desk in front of me and had a brief fantasy which I will now record for you in the third person because I'm tired and I can only really write fiction stories in the third person when I'm tired.

She stood, slowly, and faced the oncoming threat.  The ominous man in black said nothing, and moved not an inch as she grabbed the glass mug sitting on the desk beside her.  "You wanna tango?" she asked as, gripping the mug tightly, she smashed it against the wall.  Thousands of shards of glass danced in the moonlight as the fell to the floor around her.  Brandishing the jagged piece she held in her hand, her only weapon, she said "let's tango."

Oh, dear.  I do believe that that might be worse than the stuff that I normally write.  

Sleep.  I need sleep.

But I can't sleep.

Well, it's not that I can't sleep at all, it's that I can't stay asleep.  I fall asleep, and then I wake up a few hours later, then I fall asleep again, and  wake up again, and then fall asleep, then wake up in a never-ending cycle of doom and sadness.

I want to kill my brain.  It is being stupid.  I hate this game.

Bah.  I'm going to leave now, before you all catch my crazy.

I'd say something that I think is witty here, but I'm too tired (HA!  Like a bike.  I'm too tired!  Get it?  Too tired, two-tired?  Oh, that is just awful.)

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