Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Promise That Real-People Posts are Coming Soon...I'm Just Kind of Busy Right Now

It's true.

It's exam week, so that's why I haven't been writing much lately.  I promise that actual posts are coming soon.  I'm going to put one up that I wrote months ago, then didn't publish because I watched Toy Story 3 that same day and I had to get that rant off of my chest.

I'm going to a Phantom of the Opera party tomorrow and to Washington D.C. on Sunday, so there should be plenty to write about after all of this madness.

Speaking of the Phantom of the Opera, the other day, I was in Civics.  We were reviewing the entire semester for our exam (which is tomorrow.)  I tried to pay attention.  Truly, I did, but my mind has a way of getting away from me and going where it wants.  I zoned out after about fifteen minutes in class.  I was out for the rest of the hour.  What was going through my mind that was so engrossing as to preoccupy me for an entire 45 minutes, you ask?  It was a few bars of a song from the Phantom of the Opera (Think of meeeeeeeeeeeeeee, think of me foooooooondlyyy....)  So, yeah.  Then I got a weird headache with some dizziness and the room started turning green and I thought I was dying of some sort of aneurysm for the second time this month (the first time was when I had pink earwax, but it turned out that my earwax was only pink becuase of the colored hair spray that I had put in my hair at my friend's New Years Eve party.)

I promise to post more things that aren't ridiculously boring after exams are over. 

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