Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Going to Smart the Stupid Right Out of You

Turn that Chemistr-E into a Chemistr-A!:  a horrible joke I thought of last night, then I made an advertisement for it but I couldn't publish it, but then I made another one today, because when I get a bad idea, I really stick with it and this is a super-long sentence.

Yeah, this is really low quality because computers are evil.  


Okay, what it says is: 
The Tutoring Empire
Home of the World's Greatest Tutors
Are you struggling in school?  Feeling overwhelmed by homework and grades?
Well, stress no more, for The Tutoring Empire is here to fix you.
Turn that Chemistr-E into a  Chemistr-A!

(In case you don't get my awful joke, "Chemistry"  ends in a "y," so it has an "ee" sound at the end of it, which sounds like that one grade that nobody ever wants, but everyone wants an A, hence "Chemistr-E to a Chemistr-A.)

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