Friday, March 18, 2011

Doth Mine Innocent Ears Decieve Me?

Hi.  My name is Fanny.  I'm five years old.  As far as I'm concerned, no one ever does anything bad, ever, and high school students most certainly do not drink alcohol.  Not at all.  That would be unthinkable.

So why, then, are people in the library talking about drinking alcohol? 

Perhaps they are talking about a role-playing game that they played over the weekend, in which the character they were playing drank some ale to go with his mutton.  Surely, that must be the case, for that is the only logical explanation that my naïve little brain will accept. 

I'm sure that everyone at my high school plays games like Hero Quest. (more about Hero Quest in an upcoming post)

Surely I misheard.  I could not possibly know anyone who would break the law.  Everyone in my school is as squeaky clean as my freshly sanitized hands.  They would never do a thing like that.  No, not ever.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure, my dear, that you are hallucinating. Nothing like this could possibly EVER happen. EVER. Especially not in our ye olde little village.
    I'm only writing this because I'm procrastinating. I don't WANT to work on our project for the Challenges of Great Magnitude at the What-You-Would-Think-to-be-Chefs-but-is-not College.
    Also, I just saw lightning and heard thunder... while this pathetic snow/ice/hail/sleet/crap is on the lawn. FAIL.