Monday, March 14, 2011

I Don't Think This Counts...

Hey, guess what I just realized?

It's March.

I know that I've already had that revelation here, but this revelation was, ever so recently, accompanied by this revelation:

March is reading month.

And if it's reading month, I'm reading.  A lot.  So that's why I have left you for so long with nary a new post to cling to, but, fret not, my companions, for I shall soon return from the realms of the bookworms to, once again, entertain you with strange stories from my life and odd ideas from the recesses of my mind.

But, in all seriousness, I don't think this counts as pages for the reading competition, so I wouldn't even read it if I was you.  I'm trying to win this competition, because I want free food, and the classes who read the most pages get free food.  It's really a simple concept.  Teachers want students to read, students want free food, teachers offer free food, students read.

I doubt that any of this is making much sense, but I blame the fact that I am just now recovering from a sore throat and fever. 

I was pretty sure I was dying.

I should pre-write a goodbye post, in case I ever actually am dying whenever I start thinking I'm dying.  That sounds like a good idea.

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