Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Your Call Cannot be Connected as Dialed, Please Hang Up and Try Again.

That number you were calling that can't be connected as dialed?  Yeah, that's my brain.  It's kind of fried from the ACT.  I want to kill that thing with fire.*  (Phrase "kill it with fire" courtesy of zappablamma.com)

So that's my day.  I hope yours is better.  I'm probably going to go sleep some more now because my fingers are tired and they cannot type the words correctly.  To prove this to you hI hav e levft this sentence without any ummmmmmmmmmmmm corre ctions in it.  They is very sleepy fingers.

*For the record, I want to kill the ACT with fire, not my brain.  I need my brain for thinking and stuff.

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