Sunday, November 14, 2010

Harry Potter Weekend Makes Me Think Strange Things

I was watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban today.  You know the part where Harry, Ron and Hermione are on the train to Hogwarts and the train stops and a Dementor comes in and is all "Mind if I suck your soul?  You do?  Too bad."  and then it goes all soul-suck-y and Harry passes out?  Yeah.  Well, here's what I think should have happened:

*Train stops moving*
Hermione:  Why is the train stopping?  We can't be there yet.
*Lights go out*
Hermione:  Yeah, I'm going to lock the compartment door.  Just to be safe.  *locks door*
*Windows start frosting over and Dementor comes to the door*
Dementor:  *tries to open door, but can't because it is locked*
Harry, Ron and Hermione:  *stare at Dementor*
Dementor:  *knocks*  Hey, could you guys let me in?
Harry:  Sorry.  Whatever it is you're selling, we don't want any.
Dementor:  No, I'm not selling anything...
Hermione:  Um, we're not home right now, but if you could leave a message, we'll get back to you.
Dementor:  I know you're in there.  I can see you.  It is a glass door.
Ron:  No hablo espanol.
Dementor:  What?

Then they would ignore Dementor and Dementor would go away.  The End.

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