Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Fictional-Boy Crush-itis" Part II-TV Shows!

Okay, can you all do me a favor?  Before you continue to read this little series that I have going on, could you all just suspend reality for a little bit and pretend that it's totally normal to have imaginary relationships with fictional characters?  Thanks, I knew you would all understand.

Now, to the TV shows!

I had this whole post all worked out and finished before, but then I changed something, and then I didn't like the change, so I hit the "undo" button, but then I hit it too many times and then it deleted the whole thing and then I died a little inside.

Anyway, to the TV shows.

First up, from Avatar: The Last Airbender: Zuko. (What was that?  Did someone say something about an alleged movie adaptation of this awesome show?  I don't recall there ever being such a movie, but if you bring it up again, I will have to hit you and then yell at you, telling you exactly why that movie has nothing to do with this show and its awesomeness.)

Curse you, Blogger.  It took me forever to find this picture again.  He just looks so darned cute in it.    Here's what I originally had written as a caption on this picture before Blogger destroyed my hopes and dreams:
What a cutie.  My fictional relationship with Zuko is a unique one because, in it, I break one of my rules.  You see, Zuko is my husband, but he already has a girlfriend on the show.  However, I justify this by saying that Zuko and Mai make a stupid couple and that Zuko should be with me.  Mai can come after me if she wants, I really don't care.

Next, from Criminal Minds: Reid.

Gasp! The nerdy girl watches crime dramas?  AND she crushes on the hot nerds in said crime dramas?  Yes, yes she does.
From Bones:  Sweets.

What's this?  Another crime drama with another cute nerd?  I'm noticing a pattern here...
From Doctor Who:  the Doctor.

Confession #1:  I haven't been watching Doctor Who for very long, but I do have a decently-sized obsession with it.  Confession #2:  I really only have a crush on David Tennant as the Doctor.  Does that make me fickle?  I don't really care.
Also, David Tennant is the reason I can't take movie version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire seriously.

All right.  I'll believe that they can cast magic spells and fly on broomsticks, but David Tennant as a bad guy?  That is where you lose me.
Okay, I lied.  I just love the Doctor in general, regardless of whether or not he is played by David Tennant.

Okay, I probably wouldn't date all of them, but I would definitely hang out with all of them, because the Doctor rocks.

Well, bother.  Now I can't remember all of the people who were on this post.  Blogger, why do you have to sabotage me?  What did I ever do to you?

Well, since I can't think of anyone else right now, from Phineas and Ferb:  Ferb.

I was going to cut Phineas out of this picture, but then I got too lazy because Blogger has already made me do this post twice and I'm sick of working.

Also, for the record, I am not some sort of pedophile.  I would only date Ferb if he was older than me, otherwise, I would just hang out with him because he is a boss.

Well, since I've included pretty much all of the people I can remember, I suppose that's it for this post.  The last installment in this series is coming soon, don't worry.

P.S.--I remembered another one.

From Merlin:  Merlin

I don't really know how I feel about Merlin.  On the one hand, he has a nice accent, a cute smile, a good sense of humor, and gorgeous eyes.  On the other hand, he sort of reminds me of one of my friends, which is just making this whole thing awkward.

You know that lovely young man who plays Merlin?  There's a picture of him right up there.  You see him?  His name is Colin Morgan.  Well, I was just watching Doctor Who, when who do I see?  Why, none other than Colin Morgan himself.

I almost died.

Seriously, Merlin and the Doctor?  In one place?  It was almost too much for my little heart to handle.

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