Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Hand Guide for Fruit-Flavored-Snack-Eating

I had some fruit snacks today, and I got to thinking how I always seem to eat them in a certain order...so I thought I'd share this with you, even if it isn't interesting or particularly funny (or funny at all).  Here it goes.

Generally, it goes like this:  I eat the orange ones first, because I happen to hate orange-flavored things.  If there is green, and I know that it is lime-flavored, I will eat it second.  Next, I eat the yellow ones, because I'm actually somewhat fond of lemon-flavored things.  If there is green and I know it isn't lime-flavored, then I will eat it here (if I'm unsure of the green's flavor, I usually eat it here).  Next comes purple.  Purple is always good, but it is not as good as anything that is red or pink, which come next.  Pink is almost always better than red, but I always eat pink before I eat red.  I'm not sure why.  Anyway, after I eat the red, if there is blue, this is where I eat it, because blue is almost always the best of the flavors, and you want to work your way up to the best.

There are some exceptions to this general outline, however, like Jolly Ranchers.  When it comes to Jolly Ranchers, pink actually sucks a lot, and so I usually eat that first.  Then I eat the green ones, because they also kind of suck.  Then it goes purple, red and blue.  Another exception is Gummi Bears.

When I eat Gummi Bears, I usually eat the yellow ones first because they are just awful.  Then I eat the orange ones because, even though I still don't like orange, anything is better than that awful yellow flavor.  Then I eat the white ones, because they're actually pretty good, but they're still not the best.  Then I eat the green ones because green Gummi Bears are freaking sweet.  Then, I eat the pink ones, and then the red.  Again, the pink is better than the red, but I still eat the pink first.

Another exception to this rule is M&Ms.  M&Ms are not fruit-flavored snacks, but they do have different colors.  M&Ms don't have different flavors, so it doesn't matter what order you eat them in, unless you are the King of Marching Band, who only eats them in rainbow order.

This post probably wasn't worth your time.  As a reward for making it to the end, I give you a virtual hug:  *hugs*

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