Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yeah, So I'm Pretty Much Scarred Forever

Normally, my cat hates me.  I'm fairly certain that one of its favorite pastimes is the plotting of my demise.  However, lately, Cat has been very friendly.  At first I was like "Yay!  Cat loves me!" but then Cat wouldn't leave me alone.  It started to get kind of annoying.  It would not stop rubbing up against my leg and stuff, so I walked away, but Cat followed me, so I moved farther away, but it still followed me.  Then the cat looked like it was trying its business on my foot.  I was all "Woah!  That is not cool, Cat!" and I kind of yelled at it a little and pulled my foot away violently, which must have startled it, because it went away for a little bit after that.  But then a couple minutes later, Cat tried to sit on my foot again, but it sort of backed up to it.  Then I'm like "What the heck, Cat?  What do you think you are doing?"

Then I realized where I had seen this kind of behavior before.

It was on Animal Planet.

On the special on this one pair of tigers at some zoo.

And I realized what was happening.

The fricking cat was in heat.

And it had been trying to molest my foot.

Yeah, so I'm pretty much scarred forever, now.  (Also, I'm avoiding Cat.)

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