Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Left my Blogging Notebook in my Locker and now I Can't Remember All the Odd Things I've Thought Were Funny

It's really a predicament.

I actually had a few really good things, like a largely one-sided conversation I had with the Stellar Miss Moon in my head, and an awesome title that would go with a post I could probably never write (because I don't know anything about robots,) but that's all fallen to crap because I was irresponsible and left my blogging notebook in my locker over break.  All I can really tell you is that I have been introduced to the Wii and Wii boxing and that I should never ever ever ever ever ever play Wii boxing when Miss Sassafras Jones is around because I have a tendency to swear, and Miss Sassafras isn't particularly fond of curse words.

Oooh!  But here's something that's actually maybe sorta kind of funny that I just remembered from a while ago, it's a conversation between me and a couple of my friends (Roughly paraphrased):

Lord Chef, the Great and Terrible: The school could actually make some money if they set the band room on fire.  Those instruments probably have a lot of insurance on them.
Me: No.  No one is setting the band room on fire.  I will not allow it.
Lord Chef, the Great and Terrible: They could probably make enough money off of it to buy new instruments for everybody.  You'd get a new shiny!
Me:  I don't care.  Nobody is setting the band room on fire.
Lord Chef, the Great and Terrible:  Or, they could put a bunch of brass wiring where the instruments would be, then they could keep the old instruments and buy new instruments.
Me:  I'm pretty sure that's illegal.  And I don't care.  No one touches the band room.
The Professor:  I'll show you.  I'm going to go touch the band room and no one is going to stop me!
Me:  Okay?
The Professor: *leaves*
---Time Elapses---
The Professor: *returns*
The Professor:  There, I touched the band room door.  What do you have to say about that?
Me:  A pox on you.


And that was an actual conversation that I had with my friends.  I'm not quite sure on how we got on the topic of arson, but I know that just prior to that we had been discussing the worst (or would they be the best?) rooms to set on fire in the school (Chemistry lab, shop room, band room.  Why the band room?  Because it is filled with highly flammable valve oils and music, that's why.)

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