Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Open Letter to Some of the Girls in my Economics Class

Dear Girls,

Seriously?  Passing notes?  Did I fall into some black hole and suddenly we're back in middle school?  I can only guess at the contents of the note.  I assume that it looked something like this:

Are you my bestest friend?
Check one

Because, honestly, I can't think of any other message that could possibly be sent through a note.  Anything more serious, and you would have taken the initiative to ask before class in person, or you would have at least whispered it across the one desk that separates you.

Hold on, this response is taking a little longer than it should have.  Perhaps the message in the note merited a more in-depth response than I had previously estimated.  My new guess as to the message:

I like ponies.  Do you like ponies?  Please answer yes or no, and then explain your reasoning.

Still completely worthless, but it requires a little more effort to answer.

Wait, what's this?  Another note!  What could this one say?  I have a guess:

Yes, I do suppose that that is a good reason to dislike ponies, but I hardly think that we should have a mass pony massacre so that we can feast on the flesh of our conquest.  Perhaps you should just avoid ponies.

Then they stopped passing the note, so I have no further guesses as to what their conversation was about.  

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