Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Have 51 Recently Added Songs on Shuffle on My iPod and Two Hours With a School Netbook. Let the Slacking Begin.

Today is probably the best day I've had in a while.  I'm feeling well rested, I don't have any homework that I have to do, I have all sorts of fancy new songs on my iPod and I get to play music tonight. 

Chances of complete mental breakdown are shockingly low today.  Hooray!

Ridiculous amounts of snow are coming tonight.  Maybe, if I'm a good girl and do all of my chores, the magical snow man will grant me my first-ever blizzard. If only, if only.

That's all I have for right now.  I might update this several times in the next two hours just because I have nothing better to do.

--The first update--

I just realized that today is the first day of February.  When I realized this, I immediately felt the need to inform you all (in case you didn't know.)

Now that I'm here, I might as well ramble.  Either my allergies are acting up, I have pinkeye or something horrible has happened to my left eye (the same eye Gollum was stabbing the other night) because it is all red.  I doubt that it is pinkeye, but the allergies thing wouldn't surprise me.  My allergies are evil and like to punish me for existing.  Sigh.

I'm going to go waste more time now.  I'll probably be back soon.

--The Second Update--

It's Disney movie soundtrack time.  I'm on the Beauty and the Beast right now.

These wooden library chairs are not overly comfortable, but I'm too lazy to go over and sit on the couches.  There's also another person on one of the couches, so I'm not even going to go there.  People scare me, unless they are my close friends.


I thought I'd share with you some conversations that I had with Sister A over the past few days.

Okay, the first one takes place while we were watching Degrassi (because we have a genetically inherited compulsion to watch awful movies and television programming.)  We had been watching for a little while at this point, and there was a tiny little advertisement for the next episode in the lower left-hand corner of the TV.  It said "Peter Turns to Meth."  Anyway, after the little advertisement thingy, I went to go take a shower, then I went to do something else, then I went to go brush my teeth in the bathroom next to the room Sister A was watching Degrassi in, so I could hear the TV.  I heard someone on the TV say something about Peter, and this conversation ensued:

Me: Is Peter still on meth?
Sister A:  Yeah, right now he's in the middle of an intersection.
Me:  Oh, that's cool

*Time passes, and a commercial for the new season of Degrassi comes on*

Sister A:  Hey, Fanny, I think they're going to kill another person on Degrassi.
Me: Is it going to be at the same place where Eli killed his girlfriend?
Sister A:  Maybe...wait, what?
Me:  The place where Eli killed his girlfriend.
Sister A:  Wait, Eli killed his girlfriend?
Me:  Well, he got into a fight with his girlfriend, then she drove off and got into a car accident.
Sister A:  Then he didn't really kill her, right?
Me:  Well, no, but he blames himself for her death, because if they hadn't been fighting, she wouldn't have driven off and gotten into an accident and died.
Sister A: Eli has some serious problems.
Me:  He does, indeed.

Here's another conversation we had. 

Me: *Walks into room Sister A is in*
Sister A: *Holds camera up to me*
Me:  You'd better not be taking a picture of me
Sister A:  I'm not taking a picture
Me:  Is it a video, then?
Sister A:  It's not a video
Me:  Lying makes the baby Jesus cry.
Sister A: .....Do you want me to stop it, then?
Me:  Yes.

I apologize if these conversations were not funny at all, they were hilarious at the time.

OOH!  Here's a bonus one from last night with me and the King/Archbishop of Marching Band

King/Archbishop of Marching Band:  I'm already planning on a snow day on Wednesday
Me:  Oh, yeah.  It's totes already called in my mind.  Mr. Science AND Mr. Math are predicting a snow day on Wednesday, so it's pretty much set in stone already.
King/Archbishop of Marching Band:  Yeah, I don't know what I'll do if we have school on Wednesday
Me:  If I don't go on some sort of homicidal rampage, I'll probably just wander around aimlessly, like "Why am I here?  There wasn't supposed to be school today."
King/Archbishop of Marching Band:  I wouldn't put it past our school though.  What if we had school on Wednesday and then on the last day of school there was some sort of Anthrax scare?
Me:  Not at our high school!  Everything here is hunky-FRICKIN'-dory!

Okay, you probably had to be there.  But, I assure you that it was actually fairly hilarious.

--The Third Update--

It's Hercules time now.  I love the muses.  This reminds me of the Great Disney War of Sophomore Year.  'Twas late in the year of Two thousand aught nine, and we were in the library.  The Stellar Miss Moon, the King/Archbishop of Marching Band and I were discussing Disney movies, when we got on the topic of our favorite Disney movies and which Disney movie was the best.

The Stellar Miss Moon was all for the Lion King, whereas The King/Archbishop of Marching Band thought Pocahontas was far superior.  I sided with the King/Archbishop of Marching Band, because I like to argue with the Stellar Miss Moon.  Things were getting pretty heated within the argument, with the King/Archbishop of Marching Band asserting that Pocahontas was better because Pocahontas could fly.  The Stellar Miss Moon adamently denied this, saying that Pocahontas simply "fell with style" off of the top of the waterfall.

Somehow, in the course of this conversation, a war was born.  We took Pocahontas and the Stellar Miss Moon took the Lion King, then we just started building up armies of Disney characters with which to battle each other. 

'Twas extremely fun and slightly violent, with more than a few threats being thrown across the table and within the halls. 

This went on for about a week, with the King/Archbishop of Marching Band and I calling as many villians, monsters, magical beings and simply awesome people we could think of, and the Stellar Miss Moon calling as many as she could think of.

We totally would have beat her.  She says it wasn't fair because we had a team of two and she just had herself, but she's the one with the huge collection of Disney movies in her living room and she's supposedly this Disney expert, so I think she was just looking for an excuse.

--The Fourth Update--

I'm on to Pocahontas.  It's almost time for lunch!  YAY, CHEAPLY MADE FOOD!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

Could you tell that those exclamation points and smiley faces were sarcastic?  'Cause they were.

I've been reading funny things and laughing to myself for the past few minutes.  The people here must think I've finally cracked.

--The Fifth Update--

I just got snubbed by the Stellar Miss Moon.  She came into the library and didn't even say hi.  I feel so unloved. 

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