Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Spoils of War (Alternate Title: Pizza Without Humiliation: The Strange New Phenomenon)

So, the week before last week, on Thursday, my class won the minute to win it competition, and so we earned a pizza party.  Now, as you may or may not know, I usually only get pizza in school after losing a competition, so this was a new experience for me.

Anyway, during lunch, we got our reward pizza, and it was wonderful.  The Stellar Miss Moon, the King/Archbishop of Marching Band and I shared a pizza, but we were not able to finish all of the pieces, so we got to take the pizza home. 

From the fact that we got to keep the pizza came the idea for an after-school pizza party at the King/Archbishop of Marching Band's house.  I don't think any of us really thought that it was really going to happen, but we still talked about it.

Well, anyway, a couple of hours passed, and suddenly it was seventh hour and we were all in the library.  The Stellar Miss Moon was talking about how she really wanted to learn to play the piano, and I mentioned that I wanted to learn too, so the King/Archbishop of Marching Band said that he would teach us, but he wouldn't say when, so the Stellar Miss Moon suggested that we have our first lesson that day after school, and that way we could also have our pizza party as well. 

And so the plan was made.

Now the school day ended, and off we went the King/Archbishop of Marching Band's house.  We started out with the Stellar Miss Moon on the piano, then she had to leave for a little bit to got drop her little sister (the Minor Miss Moon) off at home, so I got to play the piano.

Now, I already have some experience with music, so it was no surprise that I was just a little better at the piano than the Stellar Miss Moon, who had almost zero musical background. 

Anyway, in the time that she was gone, I made it through the entirety of the first piano book, and I even got a certificate of merit.  Yeah, I'm kind of impressive.

My favorite part of the first piano book is this picture of a duck by one of the songs:

I think I'm in love.

Anyway, after our piano lesson (which lasted for quite some time) we decided to go to Sporcle and attempt to name the top 200 characters in the Harry Potter series by number of mentions.  We eventually managed to name something like 175 characters.  We will name them all before we graduate.  WE WILL CONQUER THAT QUIZ!

But, yeah, our thinking processes were more than a little odd.  I spent most of the time either bouncing around chanting names in time to my jumps or lying down on the floor trying to come up with just one more name.

Okay, maybe it was only my thought processes that were odd.

Anyway, after the quiz, we had our pizza party.  Now, if you're going to have pizza, you have to have something to drink.  Apparently, some time before our pizza party, the King/Archbishop of Marching Band's younger brother had drank (drunk?  Drought?  You know what, we'll just say "consumed") all of the Hawaiian punch, so we were left with very limited options.  The King/Archbishop of Marching Band went down into his basement to try and find something for us to drink.  While he was down there, he made an excited noise, then proceeded to run upstairs with a large apple juice bottle.  He paused for just a second before frowning and saying "That's not apple juice" and running back downstairs.  You see, it wasn't apple juice because it was hard apple cider in an apple juice container.

I told him that we weren't having "that kind of party."

Anyway, after we finished our pizza, we asked ourselves this question:  What would happen if our school had some sort of war and the only people who could be in your army were the kids on the honor roll in your class?

Now, even though, academically, our class is the shame of our high school, we didn't write ourselves off right away.  Our reasoning was that, even though our honor roll students were few, we were all rather cunning, and quite a few of us were pretty strong.

But, we were eventually forced to acknowledge that, despite our few strong points, we would probably never win that war, so we began to discuss our strategies, which would involve allying with the senior class, then we got completely off topic and just began drafting an army from all of the classes, including those students who weren't on the honor roll. 

It was all quite fun.

After we had done this, we watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  You know how in the movie, there's that skinny kid who's always hanging out with Malfoy and no one seems to know who he is?  Well we saw that kid, and this conversation ensued:

The King/Archbishop of Marching Band:  Who is that guy?  Does anyone know?
Me:  Maybe he's Crabbe's replacement because Crabbe got busted for drug possession.
The King/Archbishop of Marching Band:  *Looks at me blankly*  I don't remember that.
The Stellar Miss Moon:  In real life, not in the books.
The King/Archbishop of Marching Band:  Ooh.  That makes sense.

For the record, I'm not entirely sure if the actor who plays Crabbe really was busted for drug possession, or if my brain just made that up.  It does that sometimes.

Anyway, we had a grand old time watching the movie and noticing all of the attention to detail that went into that movie, and we had fun making up strange commentary and reciting the lines. 

And that was my Friday.  I'm pretty sure that there were probably more interesting things that happened, but I can't remember them, and I'm planning on going to bed pretty soon because I have to take the ACT in two days and I should really get some sleep or study or something, so yeah.  There's that.

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