Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zombies and Spizzwinks(?) and Facebook Stalking, These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Here are three videos that I have been watching over and over and over again all this weekend.  I love them all very much.  I hope you enjoy.

First:  Zombie Love Song, finally, a love story with a happy ending, and guy who loves a girl for her brains.  BRAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Next, the Yale Spizzwinks(?) performing "Grace Kelly" (originally by Mika), I absolutely love that this guy can hit those high notes.

And, last, but most certainly not least, The Facebook Skit, which I was introduced to by the Wonderful Miss Funshine.  Oh, how I love her.


  1. The Wonderful Miss Funshine is honored that she has influenced her friend, the Amazing Miss Fantastic, in such a way. She also loves these three videos and plans on using them to serenade the Amazing Miss Fantastic, or, perhaps, Sassafras Jones, with one of them soon.

  2. I want to be serenaded!