Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Trivial Pursuit of an Awesome Time

Okay, this one is probably going to be fairly short because this all happened over a week ago and I'm just now getting around to writing it all down.

Last Thursday, (Actually, the Thursday before last Thursday, the same day that this all happened) I went out into the big city with some of my friends.  We were going to the book store to get the newest book in the Maximum Ride series.  This did not work out so well, because, when we got there, we discovered that the book cost nearly $20.

We all decided it would be better if we waited for it to come out in paperback.

After we had the encounter with the expensive book, we wandered around the store for a couple of hours, turning around magazines and romance novels so that the scantily clad women (and, occasionally, men) would not be showing.  We also had a mini-strategy meeting to plan for the zombie apocalypse and played with puppets and stuffed animals. 

We also mocked Twilight, but we do that all the time, so it wasn't really a special thing.

Anyway, we spent quite a bit of time in that book store.  We also found the voodoo section, which creeped me out a lot.  (Why did they even have a voodoo section anyway?  Barnes & Noble doesn't pull this crap.  At least, I don't think they do.  I wouldn't really know; I don't spend much time in Barnes & Noble because it's too expensive for me, and when I do go there, I usually just stay in the young adult section.  This is turning out to be a really long side comment.  I will stop it now.)

After we left the book store, we decided to go out to eat.  My belly was crying out for rice, but everybody else wanted burgers, so we stopped at this one place that was like a mini-mall of food.  I went to a Chinese restaurant to get some chicken fried rice and they all got burgers at the Burger King across the parking lot. 

The Stellar Miss Moon went with me to get my rice.  I had recently exhausted all of the paper money in my wallet by purchasing my prom dress, so we paid for my rice in change.  We ended up being four cents short, but the nice lady working the cash register said it was fine. 

So, we left and walked across the parking lot to the Burger King where the King/Archbishop of Marching Band and another bandie, the Drummer Boy, were already eating their food.  On the way to the Burger King, we saw that someone had driven over one of the little tree median things in the parking lot.  I was going to take a picture, but I was really hungry, and I figured that I could just take a picture after we were done eating but then it got really dark because it gets dark really early around here and also we took a lot of time eating because we kept talking about strange things (like that show "My Strange Addiction") and then I kind of forgot to take the picture and then we were already leaving and so that's why I don't have a picture of it so don't yell at me.  You'll just have to take my word for it when I say that the person who made those tire tracks was either running from some sort of danger or snockered beyond all belief.

Then we went home.  Actually, we were going to the King/Archbishop of Marching Band's house, but that's beside the point.  Anyway, on the way there we talked about more zombie apocalypse strategies and also about odd childhood memories and such.  It was all great fun. 

Then we got to the King/Archbishop of Marching Band's house and watched some YouTube videos.  (This was where I first discovered the Spizzwinks(?))  After we finished watching YouTube videos, we decided to play Trivial Pursuit.  The Drummer Boy kept buying his wedge things (The King/Archbishop of Marching Band has a fancy new Trivial Pursuit that lets you bet on whether or not the person will get the question right and also allows you to buy a wedge if you land on a certain space.)  We all insisted that this was cheating; he insisted that it was strategy.  It didn't matter anyway, though, because the Stellar Miss Moon won in the end, but not before this little gem of a conversation happened:

The King/Archbishop of Marching Band: The category is sports.  The theme is: golf
Me:  Is the answer Arnold Palmer?
The King/Archbishop of Marching Band: (Without looking at the card) No.  *Looks down at card* *looks back up at me with surprised eyes* What are the two ingredients in an Arnold Palmer?

'Twas definitely one of the better parts of the night, 'twas.

Huh, I guess that wasn't really very short at all.

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