Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brother: Human Boy or Large Domesticated Animal?

So, I'm on the computer in the basement right now, because it has better Internet than the computer upstairs.  When I got down to the basement, I saw that the computer was shut down, which is odd, because this is the computer that my little brother uses to fuel his online gaming addiction.  Then I remembered part of a conversation that Brother had had with my dad, in which Brother explained that he shut the computer down because the screen went black.  Be didn't know what caused it, he just knew that the screen went black, so he shut the computer down.

So, anyway, I turn the computer back on, but the screen in still black.  The monitor is on, but there are no colorful images, just the silent, endless abyss of darkness (which is much like the silent, endless abyss that is created in my soul when when I discover that someone has eaten all of the cheese balls.  My number one suspect?  Brother, but that's another story.)  So I'm like "What the French, toast?" and then I get to thinking, maybe, just maybe, Brother had managed to unplug the monitor, which is not entirely unlikely, because he has some anger issues, and if he shook it hard enough, it would probably come unplugged.

So, I went around to the back of the computer and what would you know?  One of the cables was loose.  So, I fixed it, and that fixed the problem.  However, while I was waiting for the computer to turn on, some strange marks on the top of the monitor and CPU caught my attention.

They were strange gouge marks.  I can only assume that Brother made them, because he is the only one in our family with enough anger to take it out on one of the nice things we have (he used to bite the PlayStation controllers whenever he would lose a game.  He got into a lot of trouble for that because A: That's disgusting, and B: PlayStation controllers cost money, and he was ruining the only two we had.)

So, I was looking at the strange marks and thinking about how Brother likes to bite things when he gets angry, and I got to thinking, could he possible have made those marks by biting the computer?  He certainly got angry enough to get bite-y (Seriously, you can hear him screaming at this computer when you're upstairs and on the other side of the house.  He has the family lungs.)  So, I looked at the top of the computer, and, sure enough, there were gouge marks on the top that corresponded to the gouge marks on the side, so that led me to believe that Brother might actually be biting the computer.

Which leads me to the question:  Is Brother a human being, or a large domesticated rodent?  So far, I have yet to answer this question, but I'm working on it.

Ooh, it also leads me to one more question:  How does he still have teeth?  I mean, seriously, the boy bites everything in sight.  I'm surprised his teeth aren't worn down to nubs by now.

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