Monday, April 11, 2011

The Rest of the Story

So, a couple of days ago, I threw a wild party, made tacos, and started a fire. 

That sounds cooler than it actually was.

Well, anyway, I left you wonderful people without all of the information.  Granted, you probably won't find this entertaining, but I promised the rest of the story, and when I commit to something, dang it, it's getting done!

So, we left off after we got the fire going again.  Well, after this happened, the Fearsome Miss Ginger and the Wonderful Miss Funshine showed up.  There was much hugging and joyous welcoming to be had.  I don't remember what we did right away when they got there (to be honest, I don't remember most of the party because I was sleep-deprived, and I'm even more sleep-deprived as a write this.  Also, I'm listening to music right now, so if there are random words in here that don't make any sense, they might be song lyrics.  My brain is having trouble working today.)  Anyway, I may not remember exactly what we did right away, but I know that it probably involved cheese balls.  After the part that I can't remember, we went to go watch Beauty and the Beast, but Sassafras Jones had to leave because it was eleven and she wasn't spending the night because she's, like, responsible, or something (she had homework or some other type of important thing that just had to be done, so she didn't spend the night.  I highly doubt that any of this is making any kind of sense.)

So, after Sassafras Jones left, I made homemade popcorn (in the tradition of my father, as the Wonderful Miss Funshine put it) and then we watched Beauty and the Beast and swooned over the Beast and his library.

Seriously.  It's a boss library.

I'm pretty sure that some people fell asleep while watching Beauty and the Beast, but after it was over, I still wanted to watch Tarzan, so we did, and then everyone (except for me) fell asleep.  I didn't fall asleep because I was too busy swooning over Tarzan.

Again, this probably isn't making any sense at all.

So, everyone was asleep, so I got up to turn of the TV and all the lights and all that jazz and then the Stellar Miss Moon put her big ol' sleeping noggin on my sleeping spot, so I had to sleep on the floor, because I wasn't about to just shove her head out of the way.  I'll torture her with Cheetah Girls songs, but I'm not about to disturb her slumber.  I'm annoying, not stupid.

Here's where we get to what I really don't remember, probably because there wasn't much that happened, except for that the Fearsome Miss Ginger took one of our large, decorative Easter eggs and pretended to be pregnant with it.

Then everyone left, and I was alone in the house again. 

Goodness, this whole thing was probably very boring, and I congratulate you for reading any part of it at all.  Seriously, kudos.

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