Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear Rob Paravonian: I Love You. Please Marry Me.

I'm just kidding.  I wouldn't marry Rob Paravonian, I'm just a high schooler!  That would be preposterous.  No, that would never happen...unless he asked me.


Anyway, Rob Paravonian is an awesome comedian/musician, and I feel like sharing some of the wonderful things that he has done that have made me laugh.

The first:  The Pachelbel Rant.  Finally, the cries of the low voices are heard!  Darn you, Pachelbel!

The second:  Pushing Band Candy.  Yes.  Just yes.

And finally, Something You Already Know, which was put up on the internet by someone who illegally recorded one of his shows.  I love this video mostly for his totally awesome falsetto at the end.

There are more wonderful things that he does, but you can go look them up for yourself.  Yeah, I said it.  Go do it yourself, lazy.  I'm just kidding, I love you...unless I don't.

GASP!  Which one does she mean?  Does she love me or not?

Don't worry, I love you.

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