Saturday, April 16, 2011

Everything About This Video is Completely Unfair

Okay, I wrote this post last night, and then I deleted it, and then the Wonderful Miss Funshine sent me a slightly miffed email, telling me that she was disappointed in me, so now I'm re-posting it.  Enjoy.



I'm about to start being a complete and total girl, so if you're a guy and you don't want to read my whiny ramblings, then you just go ahead and skip this post.  You can go and watch Mickey Mouse, instead.  You see that?  It's in the post right below this one.  See it?  Yeah, Mickey Mouse!  Go have fun.

Anyway, as was previously stated, everything about this video I'm about to share with you is completely unfair, and I will tell you why after you watch it.

Did you watch it?

Okay, here's why everything about this video is unfair:

1.  He plays piano
2.  He's British
3.  He sings
4.  He sings well
5.  He sings in French.  FRENCH.
6.  His eyes are gorgeous
7.  His hair is adorable
8.  He's just sort of cute all-around
9.  He is not mine.

See?  Totally unfair.  Ah, well.

I'm done being a giant girl now.  Boys, you can come back now.  How was Mickey Mouse?  Did you like it?  Well, that's wonderful.

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