Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Amazing Miss Nerdtastic

Why, hello!  Remember when I said that I would tell you more about Hero Quest?  Well, this is that...telling...more...of...things.  That should have been more eloquent.  Oh well.

So, last Saturday, I went over to the King/Archbishop of Marching Band's house.  I was there with the Stellar Miss Moon and the Drummer Boy.  We were going to watch Disney movies and do other things, but I was late to the party because I had a previous engagement, so I was only there for the other things (I missed Pocahontas.  You have no idea how disappointed I was.) 

Anyway, those other things?  Yeah, they were really only doing one other thing.

Hero Quest.

What is Hero Quest, you ask?  Bah! I say.  It's only possibly the greatest board game (is it a board game?  There isn't really a board...) ever created ever, that's what. 

Hero Quest fills me with a nerdy joy that was previously unknown to me.  It is one of the greatest things that I have ever spent nearly an hour playing (another great thing that I spent nearly an hour playing?  The Top 200 Harry Potter Characters by Number of Mentions quiz on Sporcle.  Now you will become addicted.  Possibly.)  It was amazing. 

So, we started out, and I definitely had the best people.  I had a freaking dragon and two little guard thingies that were virtually indestructible (they had 7 defense!)  I used my dragon to kill all of the lackeys on the board (okay, not all of them, but a significant portion.)  I began a vendetta against the Stellar Miss Moon.  She was not amused at the fact that my dragon, Mimring, kept eating her FBI agent people.  However, she shouldn't have been talking, because she was totes trying to kill me too.

Another good thing Mimring was good for?  Lighting ships on fire, so they could be sent to Valhalla.  Why were we sending flaming ships to Valhalla?  Because the King/Archbishop of Marching Band's viking warrior people had died, and we had to send them off to Valhalla in flaming ships (our flaming ship was a ping-pong paddle, but that's beside the point.) 

It makes perfect sense.

Anyway, things got pretty heated in some of those battles, especially when both the people would role their dice and the same amount of defense and attack would be rolled.  It was in one of those battles, I am sad to say, that my beloved dragon, Mimring, perished.  He was killed by the Drummer Boy, who later used a special rune thing to summon Mimring from his eternal resting place, for the Drummer Boy's own selfish plots.  This caused me great distress, as it forced me to try to kill my own beloved dragon, but I did it, for the sake of all that was good, for I had to win.  I HAD TO BE VICTORIOUS.

So, I caused the death of my own beloved dragon, and then the Drummer Boy had to leave, but we continued to play for him.  After he left, he killed the King/Archbishop of Marching Band's winged leader girl.  'Twas rather awesome, and we all wished that he could have been there to witness it.  And so, the King/Archbishop was killed off for good, and had to exit the game.  The next person to die off was the Drummer Boy, leaving me and the Stellar Miss Moon to settle the feud that had begun at the beginning of the game.

There were two runes left on the board.  The Stellar Miss Moon got the healing rune, which allowed her to completely heal her leader guy (who, I must say, was pretty cool because he had a sword and a gun, in addition to having a sweet ponytail.)  I got the summoning rune thing, which, according to our semi-made-up rules, allowed me to summon any rune that was not on the board. 

At that point, I had two choices:  to use the Massive Curse, which would kill everything on the board, but only if I rolled a 1 on the 20-sided die, or to bring my beloved dragon back from the dead. 

I considered both options, but soon my choice was extremely clear.

Mimring was coming back, witches.

And he was going to kick some arse.

And so the final showdown began.  (For reals this time, because we had already sort of been trying to kill each other for approximately ten turns each, but we had been unsuccessful, because my little guard thing had defense of 7, so I couldn't die, but he only had an attack of 2, so I couldn't kill anything.) 

This is a picture of the action.


Again, this is a re-enactment because I did not anticipate the need for a camera the first time.

I know you can't really see it, but the guy totally has a gun, a sword, AND a sweet ponytail.

 Yeah, so that's what we did for and hour and a half.

P.S.-Some time after I began writing this post, it was brought to my attention that the name of the game is actually Hero Scape, not Hero Quest, but it will always be Hero Quest to me.

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